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Territory loves our volunteers. The best way to learn more about Territory and meet our team is by volunteering. We have four main volunteer areas:

Volunteer in Pathways to Careers
  • Commitment: Occasional, 2-3 hours per activity, 1-3x per year
  • Pathways to Careers volunteers work with teens in small groups doing hands on activities, sharing your expertise, helping our team make connections to careers in the field of urban design, planning, and community development. Fun, immersive, site-specific, and eye-opening for our team members
  • Examples include field trips, career days, office visits and pin-ups, college-resume writing.
Project Manager Mentor
  • Commitment: Long term, 2-3 hours/week, usually on Saturdays. Minimum 4 week commitment required
  • Project Manager Mentors work with a small committed team of Territory teens doing a real project in our community. You will help them with partners, funding, budgets, permits, and more depending on project. One every four months we host a Project Manager Mentor day in the studio where we match volunteer project managers with a team and project. Rewarding, inspiring, complex, and very impactful for our team members and our communities.
  • Past examples of this include Walk In Our Shoes youth convening in the Commons at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Night Out In The Parks wayfinding design-build, summer 2019.
Fundraisers and Special Events
  • Commitment: Event-based, 4-40 hours, 1-3x per year
  • Help Territory raise money through parties, events, and more. Collaborate with our board and youth design team to identify and implement fundraising ideas. Involves marketing, event planning, graphic design, social media, and more. Creative, collaborative, and really important for our programs and audiences.
  • Past examples include BUILD Territory networking event, BUILD Youth Make Your Own Merch event.
  • Commitment: passion about our mission, professional expertise, fundraising participation.
  • Territory is reviewing board expectations, and identifying skill gaps and needs as we prepare to bring on new board members. If you are interested in being considered for a board position, please include your LinkedIn profile link in the survey.

Volunteer Intake Survey

After you complete the survey, we will contact you by email when volunteer opportunities are available.