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This design project for Uptown was launched by a team of 15 young people in 2017 during our urban design team program on Argyle Street in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. The team created community engagement activities at the Argyle Night Market, and went on discovery tours of the surrounding residential and business districts. Based on their research, they identified a need for public spaces that would attract people to see more of their neighborhood, and places where people can safely gather and interact at any time of year.

Using this needs statement, they created Uplifting Uptown, a series of three proposals for transforming public space in Uptown. We convened a smaller team this fall, and they have developed the best ideas from the summer into UPlifting UPtown a proposal featuring an iconic arrow and colorful pod seating that would enliven three intersections on Sheridan Road.

We are currently in the design development phase of this project. We hope to build and install it on site in Spring 2018. Thanks to The Latin School of Chicago for providing fantastic studio space on the corner of Argyle and Sheridan Road, and to Alderman Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward for supporting Territory since 2013.