Territory offers three tiers of youth-driven design team programs:

  • Urban Design Team – introduction to urban design and community planning (80-100 studio hours)
  • Neighborhood Design Studio – advanced design studio for practice, proposal and project management (30-50 studio hours)
  • Design-Build Internship – design engineering, permit documents, construction management and crew leaders (140 studio hours)


Our program model explained:

Our programs are 100% partnership based. Our project partners and clients include 33rd and 48th Wards, Special Service Areas #34 and #60, Uptown United, North River Commission, Albany Park Neighbors, Albany Park Community Center, and McCutcheon Elementary School.

Through partnerships we develop community projects to address a local need in a social civic space. Design projects for clients include design development, technical drawings, project management, introduction to materials, budgeting, prototyping, introduction to structures and the mechanics of construction.

Territory also offers shorter stand-along workshops for community outreach and engagement:

  • Think-Make-Share Workshop – introduction to design thinking for adults and young people (1-4 hours)
  • Conversation Territory Placemaking Charrette – a weekend workshop for young people to create pop-up community engagement tools for interviewing people at street fairs and neighborhood social spaces (16-24 hours)
  • Youth Empowerment Walking Tours – “Walk In Our Shoes,” a three week workshop for high school students using graphic communication, urban planning and story telling tools to share how our cities work for young people (4-6 weeks)