#ConnectTerritory Urgent Appeal

What does a safe public space look like for a teen? During this time of crisis, Territory is providing urban design programs for teens in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood. We need your support so that Austin teens can respond to the clear and pressing need for “Safe Passage” in their community.

Please give to #ConnectTerritory

You can help us create a safe online program for teens in Austin. Here’s how:

Act 1:  Contribute to our fundraising campaign. Our urgent appeal goal is $15,000 to support teens working together to design, plan, and build equitable public spaces for everyone – in Austin and beyond.

Act 2: Add your song to our playlist. Email info(at)territorychicago.org

Here’s a recording of Jaime, a rising senior in Territory, doing our design team introduction and his icebreaker: If you were a drag queen… what would be your go-to lip-sync song?

Send your song and we’ll share back the playlist at the end of the campaign.

Act 3: Got a laptop to give?

100% of Territory teens will be working from home this summer. In Austin, one third of all families do not have access to internet. To make participation equitable, Territory is creating a laptop lending library. If you have a working laptop that you want to give away, we know a teen who can use it now.

To get started: please fill out this laptop donation survey on Google forms, and our volunteers  will get back to you ASAP. Want to support the campaign but you don’t have a  laptop? Please make a cash gift using the link below.

Act 4: Answer the Call – With your help we raised $1,200 during the phone-a-thon, each individual donation was matched by our board, bringing us ever closer to our $15,000 goal.

Act 5: T-Shirts for Tool-Kits – Territory programs are online this summer due to Covid-19, but teens still need hands-on tools. Want to help? Buy a Territory t-shirt for $25 “Basic” or make it “Special” with an additional donation. Proceeds support design supply kits for teens working from home. For information on purchasing t-shirts, contact info-at-territorychicago-dot-org

Closing Act: Make a donation

Our goal is $15,000, last minute donors, you can help!

Link to donation page: https://www.territorychicago.org/donate/