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Design Thinking, Territory Style

Territory is thrilled to announce the premiere of “Design Thinking Territory Style,” a short video by Black Spectacles featuring Territory team members describing the design thinking process we use in our studio practice. Check it out:

Behind the scenes

To make the video we started by visiting the office of Black Spectacles for a tour and short training session. Rachel and Stephen, our Black Spectacles team, gave us some strategies for creating a successful video. Our takeaway was: keep it short and structured, assign roles and rehearse.

A month later, Rachel and Stephen came to our design studio in Albany Park to create the video. Territory set up a temporary stage in the back room, and they moved in the lights, sound and cameras for the two hour shoot.

In the video our team is sharing projects from our Spring 2018 After School Matters studio exploring urban design. As an ongoing project, our team is working on wayfinding for our communities. We are doing walking tours and designing landmarks as a way to generate public awareness and have conversations about creating safe spaces for teens.

Thanks so much to Marc, Rachel, and Stephen at Black Spectacles for giving your time and talent to help Territory tell our story. We love “Design Thinking, Territory Style,” and we hope you do too!

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