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The Perfect Place For A Territory Event

Thanks to Ross Barney Architects, principal Laura Saviano, architect Lindsey Telford, and the whole office for warmly welcoming over 115 people to BUILD Territory on February 22.

Ross Barney’s office space combines drama, instagram-able backdrops, safe cozy spots under the overhangs, and wide open spaces to skylark. According to Territory design team criteria, this makes it an ideal place for people of all ages to gather and feel welcome. Therefore, it’s a perfect place for a Territory event:

Board Chair Mike Newman at the foot of the diagonal stair in the atrium of Ross Barney Architects, welcoming guests to BUILD Territory

Once you go down those stairs, you never want to leave. We hope everyone who came to BUILD Territory feels that way about Territory too!

A round of Territory applause to Ross Barney Architects for welcoming us, and supporting our design studio program with the donation of your space. You made our first networking event spectacular.


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