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Name Shout

Territory’s Year of the People Spot Celebration is this Saturday. While our Fall Urban Design Team is making prep lists and quality assurance plans for the big event, I am thinking of all the young people who have left their mark on our first design-build project.

Taking a page from our book of warm-up exercises, here’s a quick “Name Shout” to all the young people who have been part of the People Spot. BTW this is a great ice breaker, name game, and introduction to team work for any size group.

Step One – See how fast you can shout them all:

Delia, Daniela, Pat, Alfredo, Charl, Matthew, Lala, Stephanie, Mohammed, Omar, Ellaine, Rusul, Arly, Katherine, Karina, Jerry, Jay, Braulio, Gabe, Brenda, Zaid, Mia, Clancy, Cheyenne, Jamiled, Milena, Maribel, Tobi, Kim, Yocelin, Axel, Damien, Hassan, Lizbeth, Preksha, Maya, Jessica, Jennifer, Jasmine, Joseph, Angel, Ashley, Xochitl, Candelaria, Quinn, Jose, Catherine, Gerardo, Fara, Jaime, Darlin, Zikiah, Hugo, Brandon, Melanie, Daisy, Nezaret, Asha, Akbal, Francisco.

Step Two – Team Work: what can you change to shout it faster? Now try it. That’s design thinking.

We hope to see you Saturday at our People Spot Celebration, Noon – 5pm Saturday December 9, 4432 N. Kedzie. If you want to volunteer for construction, the pop-up team starts work at noon. Our All-Team All-Volunteer All-Partner photo is at 3pm. Raise a glass of apple cider and give a  shout out to everyone who helped create Albany Park’s first People Spot.

Click HERE for event details