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UPlifting UPtown on Friday

We are approaching the last weekend in October and the usual rainy gusts are befuddling our design teams as we conduct site visits and meet clients. Our youth empowerment walking tour, “Walk in Our Shoes” has been postponed to Spring 2017, but we are presenting “Uplifting Uptown,” our latest design proposal, with an open house on Friday. Stop by on your way home, and check it out:

Uplifting Uptown

Community Presentation
Friday October 27
5 – 6:30 pm
Latin Uptown Storefront
4956 N. Sheridan at Argyle

The team will be presenting our proposal for for a public art project that attracts people and unites three intersections along Sheridan Boulevard, the quieter, greener side of Uptown.

Reminder: Our youth empowerment walking tour – originally scheduled for October 28, 2017 – has been postponed to Spring 2017. Hope to see you there in April!