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Territory is…

Young people building better futures for themselves and their communities through the practice of design

8th grade classrooms
Intergenerational workshops

Territory Urban Design Team (TUDT): (ages 14-16) intro studio where young people learn design skills to create pop up events, walking tours, and “small changes” in public spaces.

Territory Advanced Design Studio (TADS): (ages 16-21) where young people gain career and technical skills in urban planning, architecture, and community organizing by developing public placemaking projects in their community.

Territory Internship for Design Equity (TIDE) (18-21) A survey of a select group of Territory’s partners meant to steward youth graduating from high school who are contemplating a design based field into a network of support that can establish mentorship and guidance early on.
Territory Alumni VISTA program (ages 18-25) Young adult alumni who believe that youth voices need to be heard in the design and planning of the city. Alumni are invited to join Territory after graduation as Vista or design equity interns. This group supports their peers seeking pathways to careers related to urban design, planning and community economic development.

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